Monaco September 25, 2020 – My Yacht® Group continues its series of Astronaut Dinners, returning to Monaco to showcase Axiom Space at the one-of-a-kind Bond Luxury Living Lounge featuring Samsung The Wall, the next generation of microLED panel display technology.

Uniquely qualified U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame and 4-time astronaut, Michael Lopez-Alegría – with 257 days in space and 67 spacewalk hours – spoke to the curated room of UHNWI about the life-changing effects of a journey to 250 miles above the earth.

Indeed, only the previous night, he related this “overview effect” that each astronaut experiences to musical icon and humanitarian Sting who was honored by Prince Albert II of Monaco and his Foundation – a longtime charity partner of MYG – at the Monte-Carlo Gala for Planetary Health. Accepting his award, Sting proceeded to recount his exchange with Commander ML-A to the assembled distinguished guests.

Held during what should have been the Monaco Yacht Show, the yachting world’s largest and most prestigious annual fair, the exclusive dinner welcomed guests to the intimate and state-of-the-art Bond Luxury Living Lounge, showcasing Axiom’s out-of-this-world presentation in the highest quality definition, on the hyper-real digital microLED Samsung The Wall, that brings images to life on a bigger, bolder and brighter scale. The first dinner following the successful launch, docking, and return to earth of NASA Astronauts aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon, that same transportation will launch both ‘space tourist’ and international astronaut missions with Axiom Space to the International Space Station beginning in October 2021.

NASA selected the Houston-based private company for access to the ISS port, in no small part due to the extensive high-level expertise of Axiom’s leadership team. Co-founded by stalwart space entrepreneur Dr. Kam Ghaffarian and former NASA ISS Program Manager Michael Suffredini, both of whom have in excess of 35 years of human spaceflight experience, Axiom plans to launch a node module, research and manufacturing facility, crew habitat, and large-windowed Earth observatory to form the “Axiom Segment” of the ISS.

The company targets launch of the first module in the latter half of 2024. In addition to on-orbit research and manufacturing programs, among others, Axiom has entered into an agreement with NASA to train and fly professional, as well as private, astronauts to the ISS. 10-day private astronaut missions will see Space Tourists train alongside professional NASA astronauts with a program designed with optimal preparation and minimal schedule disruption in mind.

My Yacht Group and Axiom Space will continue to host The Astronaut Dinners in a series of global cities in the coming months.

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